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A well-produced course is your unfair advantage

The online education industry is now worth over $300 billion annually and growing.

Having a well-produced course is to your advantage in the COVID-19 era:

A course elevates your reputation in the marketplace and community.

It helps you become the Authority, Celebrity and Expert in your field.

And it allows you to command premium prices and stay in-demand.


Latest News

April 8, 2020
Producing the documentary “Demystifying Cannabis” has taken us on an unexpected journey and taught us much more than we expected. When Justin Trudeau announced in 2015 that the legalization of recreational cannabis would be part of Canada’s Liberal Party’s platform, it surprised me to say the least. Cannabis wasn’t considered a hot issue and I think that most Canadians felt like they knew everything about this plant. Yet, it was obvious that becoming the first
April 13, 2018
Often when I talk with people who are not involved in the video industry I’m asked to explain a lot of the terminology we use. In this blog I’ll attempt to explain B roll The term B roll is the opposite of the seldom used term A-roll. A-roll being your main footage such as and interview while B-roll is the secondary footage that usually supports the main footage. These terms stems from the analog linear editing
April 10, 2018
The first thing I recommend when filming from a boat is to stay dry! There are many things to consider when filming on the water: What is the subject matter, what camera are you using, what are the conditions i.e. rain and wind, do you want to get underwater shots, do you need sound? I filmed and directed 7 seasons of our doc-drama series called Dark Waters of Crime. For all the scenes on or
April 14, 2018
Nobody wants to appear awkward or self-conscious in a video they post for the world to see. But this is a common concern for people who are new to being an on-camera personality. A critical part of attracting and audience with your video presentation is to look authentic and professional.Authenticity comes from being prepared, knowing what you want to say and presenting it in a manner that appeals to your target audience. and you need

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