The Legend of Cataline

The story of Jean Caux, also known as Cataline, a French pioneer who tried his luck during the gold rush of 1858. Following several failed attempts at finding gold, he discovers that the transportation of merchandise is where the gold really is. And so begins his career as a packer, which spans over half a century and has him and his pack train of mules criss-crossing British Columbia, Canada. His exploits earned him the admiration of all, from the British colonists to the Chinese and Native packers he worked with.

This fascinating documentary introduces viewers to an adventurer for whom the good life was rugged trails, the wilderness and nights spent sleeping under the stars. Viewers also meet the people

who tell his story and who, in spite of the years, have kept the memory of Cataline alive.

Format: 1 x 1 hour
Year: 2003
Languages: English, French
Genre: Documentary

2008 Columbus Film Festival