I Clown for Youhoo!

Clowns today are laughter artists whose tools range from cream pie to poetic delirium. But many also lead a double life of care and tenderness.

I Clown for Youhoo! meets Doc Willikers, Dr Fifi, Onri Ireland and many other loving and crazy clowns who bring laughter to children immobilized in their hospital beds, elderly persons awaiting for death, refugees from whom war has taken everything and juvenile delinquents.

With and without their red nose, they tell us about their work and life. They bring us into a world where lightness, darkness, laughter, and tears are often mixed together, and where life, courage and hope overcome all.

Shot across Canada and in San Francisco, in hospitals, schools and festivals, I Clown for Youhoo! is a tribute to those big-hearted artists, and an inquiry into the mysterious character of the clown and the surprising place they occupy in society.

Format: 1 x 1 hour
Year: 2005
Languages: English, French
Genre: Documentary
A Channel

Culture Unplugged Film Festival