After the Genocide

Every year, Canada receives between twenty and thirty-five thousand refugees. Due to war and persecution, they have witnessed and been victims of acts of unimaginable violence. Traumatized by the images he filmed during a genocidal civil war, and persecuted for his refusal to take part in the conflict, Mohammed-Abdillah Baranyikwa believes he will finally find refuge from war when he lands in Canada. So thinks Chantal Mirindi Safi, who escaped civil war in the Congo and hopes to start a new life with her family. But the task at hand is much more complicated than expected and the road to a safe haven littered with obstacles, for both the community that welcomes the refugees and the refugees themselves, who are still struggling with the demons they thought they had left behind.


Format: 1 x 1 hour
Year: 2009
Languages: English, French
Genre: Documentary

«I will Tell» festival, London, UK

2009 Rendez-vous du cinéma
québécois et francophone